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Editorial choices questionable

A few months ago you printed a front-page article boasting about the great growing season for marijuana in Nevada County. It was a poor decision to seemingly condone and praise growing the "drug," when its increasing use is causing more and more problems all over this country. Gullible teens and unhappy, lost souls believe Patricia Smith and marijuana advocates who insist it is no more harmful than eating a handful of peanuts and the only consequence of smoking a joint is that one gets the "munchies."

A few days ago, your front-page article featured transgender Jadee Dennis. By printing the article, you promoted and condoned her decision to change from a beautiful young girl to a boy. Why was this life-changing decision front-page news? It was made by a confused child who has no understanding of the consequences of her choice. I believe your articles cause harm by making drug use and changing one's sex seem normal. It will never be normal or "cool," as Jadee says. Eventually she will suffer.

Praising high school students for their achievements (on the front page) is wonderful! Praising them for changing their God-given gender is not!

Joanne Crouch

Grass Valley

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