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Drowning site a known trouble spot

I just read The Union's article on the recent drowning of Keegan Carovich downstream from the Yuba bridge.

Copied from your article: "There have been several fatalities near that section of the river, most recently in 2010 when Robert Welch, 20, of Auburn, was trapped in the suction of a natural rock tunnel littered with logs and debris, just upstream from the bridge."

From what I am told, when the water is high, the swimmer is carried through the tunnel, but when the water is low, as it is now, people get stuck.

Rescue people have complained and complained about this spot, wanting something to be done about it. But the authorities that be (I'm not political, so I don't know exactly who this would be) refuse to do anything. Suggestions have been to dynamite the trouble spot, but no, they don't want to do that as it would alter the natural formations in the river. OK. So how about putting up a warning sign? That way swimmers would at least be aware of the risk to their lives. No, they don't want to do that either.

I admit I am short on facts; I don't know whether or not this rock tunnel figures in the loss of Keegan's life. But, given the loss of a beautiful life, as well as the lives of others in the past, the issue needs to be addressed and action taken.

Thank you for your attention.

Boots Fricke

North San Juan