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Drones violate our Consitutional right to privacy

Following a law signed by President Obama in 2012, American airspace will be open to domestic drones by Sept. 30, 2015. More than a thousand companies in America are now in the drone business. Currently three bills are before the state Assembly and one before the Senate to pay the way for California industry's development of drones.

It's happening. Soon our skies will be active with drones of all sizes and shapes for a multitude of purposes. There are big safety concerns and bigger privacy concerns. Drones will be in the hands of citizens, businesses, law enforcement and government agencies. Surveillance of people will happen on private property without people being aware. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects people from "unreasonable searches and seizures." Are we about to have another Constitutionally guaranteed right eroded? Will arming domestic drones be next?

First we were given the Patriot Act and our freedoms were compromised for supposed security. Now our privacy is about to be compromised. With all the fervor over guns and the Second Amendment, where is the outrage over drones and the Fourth Amendment? Guns are here to stay but our rights to privacy are slipping away.

Glen Garrod

Nevada City

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