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Drones can be better than the alternative

I wonder about the logic in the minds of people who dislike drones used in warfare. In the wars of old, a state sought to destroy the will of the enemy, to fight and to disarm him. To do this we had to destroy factories, the electricity to run them, the trains and bridges to carry the enemy to work. We also killed the workers in their homes. This damages the enemies' will to fight, as well as disarms them.

With the drone we try only to destroy the will to fight by killing the leaders with drones. This also makes the new leaders less competent in their work. While it is true that some innocent people are killed, we don't kill the workers. Though they do approve smilingly the acts of their government, they are usually mostly interested in getting their children ready for the next school year.

In the drone war we kill far fewer people and do not destroy cities. What is the choice here? When the cities remain unhurt, the people can then care of themselves, and our treasure can be used on our own citizens.

Andrea Heyser

Rough and Ready

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