Drivers be aware |

Drivers be aware

This is a note to the person driving an older green pickup filled with firewood and with a large log/tree trunk balanced on top on Highway 49 on Jan. 3 in the afternoon.

It's hard to believe you weren't aware that the huge log rolled off your truck and directly into the path of my husband's car. Going at the posted speed of around 50 mph, there was no way he could avoid it. Fortunately, even though he's in his 80s, he had the quick reflexes not to swerve towards oncoming traffic, which would surely have resulted in fatalities.

Instead he was able to head for the shoulder as the log hit the driver side, tearing the fender, the bumper and breaking the headlight and spinning his car around.

You didn't stop, but others did stop to check he was OK, but we have a $2,500-plus damage tab for our Toyota. Perhaps a New Year's Resolution of showing some responsibility and caring to others is in order!

Eve Ggem

Nevada City

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