Dorsey interchange needed to save lives |

Dorsey interchange needed to save lives

As a new nurse, I am incredibly happy to see the interchange at Dorsey Drive taking place. Access to the hospital will be faster, safer and in the end will help save lives. My husband, a firefighter, also agrees that the ability to access the Dorsey area will allow fire trucks to maneuver in a more efficient manner, again in the end, life-saving. As a young, growing family, we are looking to our elected officials to not only serve our needs, but also the needs of the community. Mayor Dan Miller, led the Grass Valley City Council in the decision to put monies towards Dorsey Drive, creating accessibility to an area that desperately needed it. We will be voting for Dan Miller for District 3 supervisor because he has proven his leadership capabilities. We hope you'll join us in supporting Dan.

Ashley Eckhardt

Grass Valley

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