Don’t vote for the serpent |

Don’t vote for the serpent

People of faith, on November 6 you will have the opportunity to follow your Christian values or bow to something less, something evil. Make no mistake, there is a clear difference. The Democratic Party offers a platform that promotes the killing of the innocent, the destruction of marriage between one man and one women and the replacement of a parent's authority over their own children by that of a faceless government official. In contrast, the Republican Party stands behind and supports innocent life from conception, natural traditional marriage, and protection of parental authority from government control or mandate.

The current Democratic Party leader, Barack Obama, has become so obsessed with the destruction of those who worship a higher authority, someone other than himself; he aims to destroy the very belief systems that founded our Nation. He is coiled and ready to strike, forcing upon us a poisoned apple disguised within a government health care system. Certainly, if you are Christian you could not vote for the serpent. The spiritual deterioration within the Democratic Party leadership was clearly demonstrated at their recent convention in North Carolina; after eliminating any reference to God in their platform, even a token replacement of that word was followed by boos from the convention floor. Our founding fathers would have found their actions appalling. Our county is at a crossroads, do we now choose to follow a godless doctrine or support the divine authority that gave us our Constitutional rights. Vote Republican.

Buck Weckman


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