Don’t take away my plastic bags |

Don’t take away my plastic bags

I disagree on making the city plastic bag free! Why do I not get a choice on what I use? Why should someone else make that choice? Educate us but do not take away our choice. I do not like to see them caught on a bush and flapping in the breeze or plastered in the gutter. But there are times when you need a bag with handles for an extra arm.

I personally choose paper because it is a renewable resource and I can use it for many things. Mainly I keep them in another paper sack and take them to the Interfaith Food Ministry so they can save money but they are also great standup garbage bags or recycling bags. Cut on down the seam and you can wrap a package or make a pattern. There are many other uses are out there.

I have seen some of those plastic recycled bags that people bring to the store that are so dirty I hate to have my groceries packed after them and wonder how the baggers feel?

Please leave the choice to us.

Nancyan Tracy

Penn Valley

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