Don’t put an elephant in harm’s way. |

Don’t put an elephant in harm’s way.

Dear Nevada County Fair Board,

I would like you to know I do not condone or approve of the use of bullhooks and beatings on elephants in the circus or any other captive environment. Elephants are at the mercy of humanity. The way we humans have treated wildlife, especially elephants, is a shame and it should stop now.

There are many other healthy activities for children and adults to enjoy without putting an elephant in harm's way. The stress involved in traveling and performing in the fair is not worth the elephant's health.

We as adults are not setting a positive example of how to treat elephants if we allow the fair to continue in this unfair use of elephants as entertainment spectacles. I think most children if given a choice would rather let elephants loose in big fields to roam around rather than ride on them. These are intelligent sentient beings that feel pain and suffering. They know they are enslaved, captive prisoners and would be better off living freely on private property sanctuary's instead of being used for ticket sales at your fair. Please consider my request. Thank you.

James Duff

Sonora, Calif.

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