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Don’t postpone plastic bag ban discussion

I am extremely confused and perplexed by the Grass Valley City Council's plan to postpone the discussion on the bag ban until September. By waiting this long, the state will address the topic before we do. If that happens, there will simply be a tax on plastic bags. The best option would be to address this issue now so that we can not only tax plastic bags, but ban them all together (excluding produce bags and sturdier shopping bags) and put a small tax on paper bags. Contrary to popular belief, this will actually benefit local businesses because they won't have to put so much money into free bags.

The U.S. alone uses 100 billion plastic bags per year. Each one takes 1,000 years to biodegrade. It's estimated that the ocean contains 43,000 pieces of plastic per square mile. It's our responsibility to make our contribution to preserving our planet.

Olivia Ross

Nevada City

Editor's note: As reported in the April 2 edition of The Union, the Grass Valley City Council plans to hold a public hearing on single-use disposable bags at the end of April.