Don’t drink Obama’s Kool-Aid |

Don’t drink Obama’s Kool-Aid

"'Me' the president of 'my' United States, in order to form 'my' perfect socialist union, establish 'my' form of justice, insure domestic upheaval, dismantle our common defense, promote 'my' political welfare and secure 'my' promise for a new world order to insure 'my' posterity, do ordain and establish this manifesto for 'my' Socialist States of America."

To continue, I'll turn American against American until there's total chaos in government. Successful Americans and corporations will be unfairly taxed until I bring them to their knees. With my amassed wealth and power, every last vestige of capitalism, fairness, truth and liberty will be destroyed so I can "fundamentally change America." These actions will take place in accordance with Saul Alinsky's writings, Karl Max's doctrines and the "Dreams Of My Father," among others.

In addition, every American will suffer for allowing Congress to enact "my own plan" for sequestration. These measures will continue until every American realizes who I am. I am Barack Hussein Obama!

Oh yeah, I must insist my newly formed federal police force confiscate all your guns. I cannot allow any resistance to my life-long obsession.

America, wake up. This could become reality if you continue to drink Obama's Kool-Aid spiked with stupid!

Bob Webster

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