Don’t diss the Dems |

Don’t diss the Dems

In reply to Jeff Loberg's letter to the editor dated Feb. 1, regarding 43 years of Democrat control of our state's assembly and senate entitled "Definition of Insanity – Democrats," which The Union saw fit to publish, I find the letter not only insulting and polarizing but also lacking in any useful ideas or facts which one would think would be a threshold criteria for publication. Nevada County deserves better from their community newspaper.

Sour grapes are no substitute for the truth, Mr. Loberg. California Democrats earned the support of the electorate because they have worked hard and effectively to run an extraordinary state whose complexity and success exceeds many countries. The entire world is presently suffering from financial challenges but California is one of the few states to actually have a balanced budget and perhaps soon a surplus with which to address California's many needs. The Democrats are in power because voters know they act on behalf of the people.

Neither the Democrats nor the electorate are insane as Mr. Loberg suggests. They have simply kept up with the times.

Jim Firth, Chair

Nevada County Democrats

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