Don’t bury crime on back pages |

Don’t bury crime on back pages

I have seen a lot of letters concerning mug shots and crime reporting on the front page. I am very sorry to tell you that Grass Valley today is not the one you grew up in, it is not even the one I moved to 15 years ago.

We once read the police blotter for fun and a laugh about the quirkiness of small town living. But it has gotten dark and violent in the past few years. To only print crime on the back pages is to hide it and pretend that it does not exist.

I also saw a letter about "overpolicing." I have never heard that term before. You do not want crime reported and you do not want the police to do their jobs. What do you want? Perhaps the teenager you mentioned should not have been where he was and doing what he was doing. Maybe if said teenager's parents had exerted some control over him, our "bloated, idling police force" would not have had to "overpolice" and scar him for life.

Grass Valley is a living community — warts and all. If you cannot accept that, then move to Fantasyland.

Susan Perry

Grass Valley

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