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District deserves better than LaMalfa

The Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County is organizing a candidate forum for 3 p.m., Sept. 6, at the UPEC building on Park Marina Dive.

We are sorry to report to the constituents of Congressional District 1 that our Congressman, Doug LaMalfa, has refused his invitation. During the phone call from LaMalfa's staffer, it was explained that the Democratic Central Committee was only hosting the forum and that it would be moderated by a neutral party or even a Republican radio personality.

In 2012, LaMalfa attended a forum hosted and moderated by the Tea Party in Redding, and his opposition, Jim Reed, attended, knowing that it would be a hostile and stacked forum. We assured LaMalfa that this would not happen at this forum, We explained that the constituents of Congressional District 1 deserve to hear both candidates, and still he refused.

Heidi Hall, the Democratic challenger, has agreed to attend, as have several local candidates for city council. With 28 years of GOP representation in Congress, this region has suffered from chronic unemployment, rising poverty and lack of any meaningful federal money for projects in the district. This district deserves better, and LaMalfa is not it.

Rob Rowen

Cottonwood, Calif.

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