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Disrespect for private property in Alta Sierra

I just read Paul Reilly's piece regarding his missing sign in Alta Sierra. Although I am not a resident of Alta Sierra or involved in the homeowners' controversy, I do have another opinion about what might have happened to his recall sign.

Did it ever occur to him that the sign may have been taken by the same vandals that have struck the golf course over a period of time, including setting fire to a restroom, tearing out the sink in one of the restrooms, destroying no trespassing signs, etc.? These pranks are disturbing, and yet they continue to occur as poorly supervised youngsters roam through private property without regard to the rights of others.

Unfortunately, even adults lack the understanding of the words "private property." If Mr. Reilly's sign was taken down by an adult, shame on the adult, as his point is well taken. If the sign was taken down by a vandal, then there needs to be a call out to the parents of Alta Sierra to keep a more watchful eye on the activities of their children.

Diana Garbin

Nevada City

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