Destroying morality of society, destroys it completely |

Destroying morality of society, destroys it completely

Your article "Multitudes attend SF Gay Rights Parade" triggered memories as I grew up in San Francisco and saw the beginning of the "gay and lesbian" community.

My feelings at that time were that these people lived a different lifestyle than I did.

Also, even though their lifestyle was in conflict with my Christian beliefs, I was tolerant as long as they stayed to themselves and did not attack me because of what I believed and still do believe.

Today, they wage spiritual warfare against us Christians under the guise of achieving fundamental fairness and equality.

In what ways do you want to be "equal" with me? Do I have something that you don't have?

For me, the purpose of the Gay Rights Parade is to demonstrate to all who attend that they can expose themselves in any way they desire and if you protest in what they do, you are racist and intolerant.

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Even Obama and the Supreme Court agree that anyone who opposes the LGBTQ agenda is racist and discriminates against it.

The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) intends to introduce the LBGTQ movement into the lives of everyone in order to promote objectionable, unnatural and abnormal behaviors under the pretext of "human rights."

Remember, if you destroy the "morality" of society, you have destroyed it completely. Human rights versus natural law is a topic for another time.

Bob Galletta

Grass Valley

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