Democrats responsible for continued gun violence |

Democrats responsible for continued gun violence

The letter from Ron Lowe is so typical of the uninformed people who are blinded by Obama's glitz and glitter and continually blame Republicans for every problem that our leader(?) refuses to solve or even acknowledge.

It is very simple to understand why the gun control legislation was rejected. We already have strict gun laws in America that no one enforces. So, why would it help to push even more gun laws on us? When so many cities are overrun with gun violence and no law-enforcement agencies care enough to stop it, why put more laws on the books? Who would enforce stricter back ground checks … or bans on certain guns?

No one is responsible for continued gun violence except our Democratic-led government that blatantly ignores the laws already in place. The lack of enforcement of gun laws, of illegal immigration laws and even drug laws is a serious, never-ending problem in America.

Who is ultimately responsible for any law enforcement? Our poorly led government. Not the Republican party. I'm surprised Mr. Lowe didn't blame Bush. Or Rush Limbaugh.

Joanne Crouch

Grass Valley

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