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Dangers of cannabis exaggerated

This letter is in response to an op-ed article by Christina Lasich, M.D., on May 3. Her letter states that cannabis is dangerous and can cause addiction and brain damage. It is unfortunate that an M.D. would publish such falsehoods.

There are many studies that clearly show cannabis does not cause addiction or brain damage.

People can become habituated to cannabis, just like people can be habituated to sugar, caffeine, chocolate, fast foods and other consumables.

It is my experience that most people who use cannabis use it because it helps them with anxiety, insomnia, pain, depression and other ailments or maladies. Since Dr. Lasich is a pain doctor, I wonder just how objective she is about an herb that helps people. She likely prescribes potent addictive pain killers on a daily basis. In comparison to these drugs, and even alcohol, cannabis is vastly more benign.

I have no argument with not allowing children to use cannabis. In this the doctor and I agree. But her accusations of so-called dangers of addiction and brain damage are wrong, and I would hope that she discontinues such erroneous statements.

Anje' Waters

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