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Dabis endorses Fran Cole for county supervisor

Just recently I endorsed Fran Cole for county supervisor. For decades I have wished to have an attorney as a county supervisor.

It takes new supervisors a year or more to begin to understand the laws, as government is limited in its powers by laws; federal, state and county ordinances.

Ms. Cole has a full working knowledge of laws and that really puts her into a superb position. Couple her strong legal background with the fact that she has management experience in Fortune 500 companies and we have a winner all the way around.

There is another reason for my endorsement, and one that most of you share with me. When the five supervisors vote on a county-wide matter, their collective vote affects all of us, regardless of our district of residency. Therefore, I want the smartest supervisors in ALL five districts. Join me, even if you are not in District 4, to support Fran Cole.

E. Christina Dabis, Retired Nevada County Treasurer/Tax Collector

Grass Valley

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