Cuts to NU language classes s a disservice to students |

Cuts to NU language classes s a disservice to students

I'm extremely sad to read that Nevada Union decided to discontinue its long-standing French and German programs. I took German at NU more than 30 years ago.

After hearing his dynamic presentation at parent orientation, my husband and I enrolled our daughter in Mr. Kirkpatrick's German class. She's completed three years of German and plans to enroll in German IV next year. My daughter has benefitted from having the same teacher each year. In a large school like NU, making a lasting connection with an instructor has been invaluable.

Mr. Kirkpatrick is a talented, caring teacher whose stimulating class is full of role-playing opportunities, including a telephone booth, train station, ticket window and gas pump. No online class could substitute for the genuine learning that takes place in a real classroom.

Finally, limiting the foreign language offerings to only Spanish reduces the competitive advantage of the students who attend Nevada Union. In our increasingly globalized world, the school should offer even more foreign language classes, like Chinese, Japanese, or Italian.

I sincerely hope the school district will reconsider its decision to discontinue these foreign language programs. The loss to the district, students, parents, teachers and community would be immeasurable.

Dena Lockwood

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