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“Cut It or Shut It” prevails

Eighty Tea Party congressmen, as a moral imperative of their ultra-conservative movement, have managed to shut down the entire federal government by refusing to pass a budget necessary to fund it. Federal workers have been furloughed and numerous parks and agencies serving the public have been shuttered unless Democrats allow these "patriots" to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which went into effect Oct. 1. They don't like government. So they ran for office and did nothing but try to destroy the ACA because they don't like our recently re-elected president who won because of this signature constitutional accomplishment. Maybe they don't like people, and so this kind of extortion, and the suffering it causes, seems appropriate.

Do they forget that this law was passed because something had to be done to contain the cost of healthcare that a frighteningly increasing number of Americans could not afford? The free market that these folks so admire didn't magically deal with that problem but only exaggerated it. Only government was in a position to do something.

I am beginning to think that the Tea Party will take any action its members think will destroy any chance most of us want to assure our quality of life.

Michele Spencer

Grass Valley

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