Craig Cassetta: LaMalfa’s staff needs to know how he’s voting |

Craig Cassetta: LaMalfa’s staff needs to know how he’s voting

On May 3 I called Doug LaMalfa's office to learn his position on the health care repeal bill. His office said he hadn't made up his mind.

Thursday morning a report on the radio announced the bill was being voted on that day. I called the Congressman's office again and asked how the Congressman was going to vote. His office told me they didn't know his position on the bill and couldn't tell me how he was going to vote.

I was surprised that the congressman's own office didn't know how Congressman LaMalfa was going to vote two hours before an important vote on health care took place. LaMalfa's staff person was very kind and thoughtful and did his best to explain why LaMalfa didn't make his position known to them and LaMalfa's constituents.

It's poor representation when LaMalfa leaves his staff without enough information to do their job and inform his constituents about what stand he is taking.

My eight year old shows more clarity and decisiveness when it's time to tell mom and dad what he's bring on sharing day. I want better transparency and stronger leadership.

Craig Cassetta

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