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Coyotes, elephants, animal rights zealots

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Bob Larive

It is a shame we are being overrun in Nevada County by a bunch of "animal rights" zealots.

On June 20, a front-page article in The Union was about saving wildlife. OK, but coyotes? We shoot every one we can. Just last month, we lost two sheep to a coyote and over the years other sheep and probably hundreds of chickens, ducks and guinea hens.

So Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, which seems to have a funding problem, might want to bring their coyotes to us and we will take care of them and save them the food cost. By the way, we love animals, wild and domestic (we have about 200), but coyotes? Not a good idea when their limited funds might be used for more deserving critters.

Now to elephants: Get off it. Thank God the fair board didn't listen to this minority. Why is riding an elephant different from riding a horse, or is that bad, too? My guess is many of the protestors of the contract with Have Trunk Will Travel own horses. Elephants have been domesticated for thousands of years and are ridden and used to help man in many parts of the world. Just like rodeo animals these activists love to complain about, they have no clue what is really going on, or maybe they do and just have too much time on their hands.

What makes these know-it-alls believe the owner of Have Trunk Will Travel would abuse his elephants? He needs them to be healthy and content to make his business successful. Sick, abused, mistreated or frightened animals certainly are not in his best interest.

Maybe the "well-intentioned" folks need something else to keep them busy. We don't need more coyotes, and I'm certain the kids who get an elephant ride at this year's county fair will appreciate this unique experience.

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Bob Larive lives in Nevada City.

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