Courts too lenient |

Courts too lenient

The Feb. 17 edition featured the crimes of Elizabeth Monk, an accomplished con artist who had been in Nevada County Jail, but was given a one-day pass. She did not return to jail as she had promised. What a surprise!

She conned a judge and the D.A. just as she had her victims in three separate crimes. Who could have seen that coming? Apparently not our pathetic D.A. and equally ineffective judges. Another instance of misguided leniency and negligence from our justice system.

Monk was captured in Georgia and will be returned to our court. Let's see if they can get it right this time. Vacate her original ridiculous plea-bargained sentence, convene an actual trial on all the charges, including the escape, and let a jury deliberate. If found guilty (again), sentence her appropriately for every conviction and impose consecutive terms for each crime.

No plea bargain. This isn't "Let's Make A Deal." Monk shouldn't be allowed to determine her own fate. No significant prison time means no justice for her victims.

Watch this one closely. I wonder what Cliff Newell and our lenient court will do this time?

Frank B. David

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