Courthouse study in ‘right hands?’ |

Courthouse study in ‘right hands?’

Ask your readers to correct my misconceptions regarding your recent editorial.

State offers $5 billion to construct or renovate unsafe, substantial, overcrowded and functionally deficient courthouses in 32 counties.

Nevada City/Nevada County are eligible to receive $108 million.

However, the Nevada City Council and Courthouse Committee and Not In My Backyard and Must Be In My Backyard dithered and dallied, argued and bickered over issues not mentioned in The Union editorial and too long to cite here given the word limit that the funds were withdrawn (sound like Dorsey?).

The various issues still not resolved! Yet the NCCCC wishes to spend $94,000 of local taxpayers money for a feasibility and cost engineering study with a company involved in the initial failure to resolve issues and obtain funds — for a building not owned by Nevada City but owned by the county (hey thanks, Nevada City taxpayers).

There is no memorandum of agreement/understanding with the county/state for reimbursement or cost sharing. Issuing a sole-source contract to the company involved in the initial failure and not by competitive bidding is arguably in violation of state bidding requirements. There is a lot more, but I'm constrained by word limit. Semper Fi.

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Michael T. Kelly

Nevada City

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