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County priorities

Help me understand how the county can play the "no money card" on the employees — to insist they take eight furlough days off a year and give them zero cost-of-living raises — plus taking more money out of their pay for their benefits and basically putting employees' wages back to what they made in 2001.

With that said, how can the county justify remodeling inside the Rood building and reworking the parking lot and landscaping at the Rood Center and buying the bank in Nevada City while having a nice-sized nest egg of millions in the bank? I don't see a money problem. I see what appears to be more concern for the aesthetics of the county grounds and less concern for employees.

Shame on the county for losing experienced and knowledgeable employees to other jobs. This, in the near future, will end up providing a lesser quality and less experienced service to the public.

Greg Moody

Grass Valley

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