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Consider the full picture

In a recent Other Voices guest column, an official of the Nevada County Republican Women Federated set out some conservative principles. Both sides of the political spectrum have what might be called "belief superiority." This leads to a lack of balance by not dealing with an entire particular topic but only that part which supports their views.

There a two topics in the column that I will use to illustrate this tendency.

In the use of "welfare" and "welfarism," corporate welfare is not included, such as: large corporations like GE paying little or no taxes, using loop holes not available to us; corporate farmers receiving taxpayer subsidized CVP irrigation water, our own Rep. LaMalfa's family receiving millions in agricultural subsidies, etc., etc.

"Due to the enormous political and economic power concentrated in the hands of union leaders, political life is corrupted …" What about the power of the Koch brothers, Adelson and Karl Rove's fundraising committee to influence political campaigns, or Valero financing a state proposition to advance its interests, etc., etc.?

In order to achieve a balance in our actions, it would be beneficial to our society to consider the entire picture.

Ralph Hitchcock

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