Congress not supporting our veterans |

Congress not supporting our veterans

Over the years, I have watched Congress cut the budget of the Veterans Administration while demanding superior performance. Of course, when the budget gets cut service eventually suffers.

It's a game that they play; cut funding to certain programs and then blame the administrators when things fall apart.

Recently, the White House proposed an increase to the VA budget and Congress shot it down. In its determination to refuse anything proposed by Obama, Congress is willing to compromise the health of veterans while forcing the Pentagon to accept money for materials and equipment that the military neither needs nor wants.

American children are going hungry as Congress cuts food stamps just as thousands of soldiers return who will need food assistance while they go to school, search for all but non-existing jobs or enter the ranks of the homeless. Of course, by all means Congress will maintain subsidies for millionaire farmers and oil companies.

This Congress seems to be more concerned with the welfare of future generations than it is with the current one. It has the lowest approval rating in history but if you're determined to vote for these clowns in the next election, as a veteran I beg you, please scrape the "I support our troops" sticker off your car first.

John Keane

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