Confused over Consolidated fire district |

Confused over Consolidated fire district

Regarding the petition to recall Keith Grueneberg from the board of directors of the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District, I'm confused.

How can Grueneberg be guilty of giving $20,000 worth of concessions to the firefighters, when in fact, the concessions were voted on and passed by the full board of directors?

As to the increases in salaries and benefits of $81,000 to $100,00 proposed for the January 2013/June 2014 firefighters contract, these negotiations are still ongoing and would have to be passed by a majority vote of the board of directors. Grueneberg is not the lead negotiator and does not have the power as a member of the board to unilaterally make these decisions.

So could somebody explain to me how "Grueneberg has violated the trust of the district's constituents?" I just don't see it.

John Jans

Nevada City

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