Companionship a part of being human — gay or straight |

Companionship a part of being human — gay or straight

Richard Hill's letter to the editor, titled "Is incest next," shows his lack of knowledge of biology. It has been known for long time that inbreeding leads to a higher probability of birth defects. The prohibition of incest and, thus, inbreeding is to protect the child produced by the couple, which makes sense as good science.

His letter is yet another attempt to make same-sex marriage seem foolish. Human beings form bonded pairs not just for the purpose of raising children but for the human need for companionship and love. If pairing was only for procreation, then couples would divide up after their offspring were grown. That doesn't happen because people crave companionship. They want to be a couple. Society has developed hundreds of rules for married couples that improve their lives. Gay couples should also be able to take advantage of those rules as well.

If one really believes in a government that doesn't intrude into one's life, then one must be all for gay marriage. If you believe that your religion and moral beliefs should be mandated for all people, then you are not a believer in limited government.

Jim Richards

Nevada City

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