Common ground in smoke and mirrors? |

Common ground in smoke and mirrors?

According to a letter last week in The Union, information connecting the Tea Party with the tobacco industry has recently been made public.

It's hardly surprising that the Tea Party Patriots have ties to Big Tobacco. After all, they both hide behind the same pseudo-libertarian "smokescreen" when promoting their political, economic and social agendas

Of course, all they're really trying to do is convince "consumers/voters" to buy their poisonous products. They obviously have similar "goals": hook the young and gullible, and keep feeding their older "followers" the party lines of no taxes, individual freedoms and less government "interference."

I wonder when people are going to wake up to the fact that both Big Tobacco and the Tea Party have to rely heavily on "smoke and mirrors" to make their respective sales-pitches?

Mary B. Brock

Nevada City

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