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Coach Houlihan

I appreciate the responses to my article on Coach Houlihan and the time his associates took to defend him. I do not agree with the respondents' opinions, which are directly opposite of mine. I believe my evaluation to be factually based on personal observations, my knowledge of the game and what it takes to be a leader,

I am not some country bumpkin who fell off a turnip truck the day before I wrote my article. I am well qualified to make a judgment on a coach's leadership skills. I have 25-plus years experience coaching high school football. I conducted football, basketball and baseball coaching seminars in Germany, Spain and Iran to DOD American high school coaches. In my 35 years in human resources management, I conducted hundreds of hours of management seminars and evaluations.

I respect the right of Andy Owens, Brad Dal Bon, Jeff Dellis, Tim Trokey and anyone else to express their opinions. I believe in freedom of speech and that is what The Union has allowed us to do.

In closing, the school has made its decision to retain Coach Houlihan. I believe this to be a wrong decision. I hope my evaluation has at least been a wake-up call for the coach and that he sets a goal to improve his interface and leadership skills so that our team can once again be competitive.

Jim Black

Lake Wildwood

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