Coach Houlihan uniquely qualified |

Coach Houlihan uniquely qualified

As boys basketball coach at Nevada Union High School, I have a unique opportunity to work with the football program in a meaningful way. We share young men and facilities virtually everyday.

It has been my honor to work beside to Dave Humphers for the past 17 years. From coach Humphers, I've learned the importance of team building and surrounding yourself with good staff. Our young men need to be surrounded by men of character. Coach Humphers has consistently put those kind of people in our student-athletes' lives. Congratulations on a great run coach Humphers! Enjoy watching Gabe, Hank and Sophie play and grow up!

At the same time, I have had the opportunity to work with new head coach Dennis Houlihan. Coach Houlihan has had the valuable benefit of having been mentored by top-level men and coaches. He, in turn, is a mentor of men, young and old alike. One of the things that makes adults authentic mentors to younger people is how they deal with adversity in their own life. For me, my mentors have shared with me how they overcame obstacles they've encountered. More than teach about athletic endeavors, we as coaches teach life skills. Given his commitment to Nevada County, kids and NU football, Dennis is uniquely qualified to take Miner Magic to the next level!

Go Miners!

Jeff Dellis

Nevada Union

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