Civics lesson at University of California, Davis |

Civics lesson at University of California, Davis

A university supported by taxpayers is illegally occupied by a mob of alleged students, who obstruct legitimate university operations.

The mob claims non-existent, "student rights" allow them to break the law.

They claim their "student" entitlements are insufficient and taxpayers owe them more. They obstruct and delay the police, (paid for by taxpayers) refuse to move on and for their lawlessness are sprayed with pepper.

They were not Tased, or beaten with sticks, or bitten by dogs or dragged by the heels. In short, they were irritated with pepper.

As a reward for their lawless conduct, they are sharing a million dollars of taxpayer money with law firms, UC Berkeley reviewers, insurance companies, consultants, etc.

UCD announced the school was "demonstrating accountability." The mob of demonstrators were not required to demonstrate accountability.

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A true teaching moment for all, especially the police. At that price, they should have used firehoses.

Larry Clark

Penn Valley

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