City needs to step up when it comes to water issues |

City needs to step up when it comes to water issues

The State of California has determined that the City of Grass Valley needs to meet new water standards by upgrading storm water drainage and putting in other aquatic controls to improve the quality of water that flows into our creeks and streams.

Instead of searching for ways to work with the state to step up and meet these new requirements, their first response is to claim that standards that other cities must meet should not apply to Grass Valley. This same sickening attitude has been pervasive in the city for many years, as those of us who live in or own property on Matson Creek and other waterways in town know only too well.

Storm water drainage deficiencies that were identified in 1986 are still not addressed. Worse! Over the years more and more roads, roofs and parking lots have had their runoff steered to creeks that can't possibly be expected to handle the extra load.

Why doesn't the city face up to its responsibilities and work with the state to do a complete watershed analysis and develop a long-term plan to ensure we never again have to mop tainted floodwater from our homes and businesses?

Ray Bryars

Nevada City

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