Cirino’s — a health insurance issue? |

Cirino’s — a health insurance issue?

I read Jerry Cirino's self-justifying half-page ad, and as a former Cirino's employee, I had to laugh at the line describing how he believed most of his workers "will remain my friends for another 30 years."

It seems the real issue leading Cirino to shut down his original location is due to having more than 50 employees in total at both of his restaurants and, as a result, being mandated to provide health insurance for them.

He claims that this "legislation is detrimental to those small-business owners who personally care about the well being of the people they work with." So therefore, instead of providing them with health insurance, he will fire them and close his restaurant.

This is unfortunate. I had started to enjoy going to Cirino's after boycotting it for more than a decade after my experience working there. Good luck to all those Nevada City employees who will lose their jobs next month.

Michelle Olsen

Penn Valley

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