Checks and balances beyond political parties |

Checks and balances beyond political parties

The boogeyman is coming, and it's me. In The Union letters on Feb. 13, a writer suggested that if only Democrats are elected, our Constitutional checks and balances would be eliminated, and a new country known as the United Socialist States of America would be born.

Is this paranoia, lack of education, fear mongering or a combination of all three?

Let's take a look back while remembering that the governmental checks and balances are the Executive Branch (the president), the Legislative Branch (Congress) and the Judicial Branch (the Supreme Court). In 2009-10, the Executive and Congressional branches had Democrats as a majority. Don't forget that Congress includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. In 2011 through the present, two things changed: the House of Representatives has a majority of Republicans and the lowest approval rating ever.

In the elections of 2008 (Obama), 2004 (Bush), 2000 (Bush), 1992 (Clinton), 1976 (Carter), 1964 (Johnson), 1960 (Kennedy), 1936 (Roosevelt), 1928 (Hoover), 1920 (Coolidge) and 1912 (Wilson), the Executive and Legislative branches had majorities of the same political party and, guess what, the United States of America survived.

Jim Firth

Nevada County Democrats chair

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