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‘Change America’ back to former greatness

In less than five years, Obama has wasted more money and has run up the national debt more than all previous 43 presidents combined. In Obama's own words, that's "un-American" and a "national disgrace."

Now to top that, by the end of his second term, he will have lied, mis-led, schemed, divided Americans, trashed the economy, promoted socialism and served more Kool-Aid than all previous 43 presidents combined.

In only 200 words, it's impossible to cite the lies Obama has told daily about the IRS scandal to exclude conservatives from the 2012 presidential election, the defeat of Al-Qaeda, the shameful Benghazi cover-up, the effects and failures of Obamacare, the slowest recovery in history, unemployment and everything else. Period!

Obama isn't capable of being honest or accepting responsibility. He's spent five years blaming his failure as president and every adverse thing that's happened to the American family on Republicans, capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, Tea Party Patriots, including anything and everyone who doesn't support his obsession to "fundamentally change America."

Along with millions of other patriotic citizens, I am saddened and embarrassed for the depths we have allowed Obama to take us to. It's time to "fundamentally change America" back to its former greatness.

Bob Webster

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