Carole Chapman: Republicans: he’s all yours |

Carole Chapman: Republicans: he’s all yours

In response to Pat Lane, on "the radical, hysterical left." We on the left are not hysterical, we just want every one to know that the alt-right Republican Party own this fraud!

And that we on the left did not vote for him! We still have our First Amendment rights in this country, so I am allowed to express my opinions and am proud to do so!

Trump was just settled lawsuits over his bogus Trump University in New York state and is paying his victims $25 million, and the state of NY, $1 million for running a scam school. Next up is trial on rape charges of a 13 year old girl in December? Who's the criminal now, my Republican friends?

Trump will cut taxes for the 1 percent on his way to bankrupting our country. And then there is the countdown to World War III, as soon as he takes power! So when you see my bumper sticker and window signs with "not my president" on them, maybe you can understand why I will continue to fight against fascism!

Because I believe it is evil and wrong for our country!

Carole Chapman

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