Carol Kuczora: Healthy California Act misrepresented |

Carol Kuczora: Healthy California Act misrepresented

Columnist Terry McLaughlin invented an army of straw men on July 5 to trash the Healthy California Act, Senate Bill 562. Noting the Assembly Speaker claimed it doesn't address financing, McLaughlin criticized New Zealand's health-care system for the remainder of her editorial.

Where to start? California's plan doesn't resemble New Zealand's. Financing would be a 2.3 percent sales tax. You'll hardly feel it — unless you buy a yacht. Nicknamed "Medicare For All" because like Medicare (1) overhead is 3 percent instead of the 30 percent under private insurance, and (2) government pays but is otherwise uninvolved.

Savings enables the plan to cover dental, vision, hearing, preexisting conditions — like other civilized countries. Critics falsely added those expenses to our current 30 percent, yielding a grossly inflated sum. No "rationing" occurs; only doctors and patients decide on treatments and facilities.

This California plan could be a model for the whole country. There is nothing "socialized" about the proposed national version, HR 676, either, and no reason doctors would leave. They hate the current system because they spend so much time/money on billing an array of companies, each with an array of plans. Doctors, nurses, and patients are clamoring for SB 562. No more medical bankruptcies and lost homes.

Carol Kuczora

Grass Valley

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