Carefully consider impact of Dorsey Drive development |

Carefully consider impact of Dorsey Drive development

We read with consternation the article in The Union regarding the proposed Dorsey Drive shopping center. We are opposed to this proposal.

We were under the impression that the freeway ramps at Dorsey Drive were installed for easier access to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and Sierra College. At no time was the current proposal included in the discussion of the ramp construction. How convenient for Russell Jeter to have the state/city foot the bill for access to his proposed shopping center.

There are numerous problems with this proposal. Increased traffic congestion is of major concern, as is the visual impact on our scenic highway. the proposed movie theatre and the four fast-food restaurants are redundant to this area.

The proposed parking lot will create run-off and pollution emptying into Wolf Creek. The most distressing concern is the loss of the open space and the impact on the environment: loss of trees and animal habitat.

Throughout Nevada County, there are numerous vacant buildings and shops available for small local businesses. To develop another area and have it vacant, too, would be a shame.

Again, we were not under the impression that the current construction was a gateway to a 1,179-space parking lot.

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Please consider carefully this project's impact to our community.

Jim and Debbie Luckinbill

Nevada City

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