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But what about Telecare?

I was deeply saddened as I read "Bus bid headed out of state" in the March 21 edition of the Union. There were certainly many things the Transportation Committee missed when it chose to pursue a contract with an out-of-state company instead of Telecare. However, the issue that struck me hardest was that the committee ignored the amazing quality of service that Gold Country Telecare has provided for the last 13 years! Did you know that when a Telecare driver knocks on a door, many folks won't open the door if it's a face that they don't recognize? Telecare has earned the trust, love and loyalty of its ridership.

How could an out-of-state company hope to compete? What was the Transportation Committee thinking? As I read the story, I got a sense that the committee has an agenda that was out of sight. True?

Ken M. Buchanan

Penn Valley