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Bureaucracy in building a school

A recent Union article stated that the Yuba River Charter School application to build a new school was not approved by the board of supervisors because it showed a "lack of thoroughness by the applicant and planning staff."

I attended that hearing, and in fact, the plans had been thoroughly vetted by the board-appointed Planning Commission twice and approved both times. At the hearing, the county staff experts were so enthusiastic about the careful planning done by the school that for part of the hearing, I mistakenly thought the county experts were representing the school. According to their own experts the traffic study, drainage, septic design, possible connection to the Grass Valley wastewater treatment facility and fencing requirements had been thoroughly addressed.

At this point, the petty bureaucratic opposition of the board is forcing the school to waste tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and putting in jeopardy the millions of dollars in funds being offered by six state and federal agencies to build a school, clean up a toxic dump site and improve drainage for the neighborhood. We're all losing because of the board's poor judgment.

Stan Thomas-Rose

Grass Valley

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