Broken political promises |

Broken political promises

The "new politics" of the Obama Democrats consist of passing legislation by lying about its content.

Obamacare was passed because it was repeated many times: "if you like your doctor and your insurance, you can keep your doctor and your insurance."

By the end of 2014, an estimated 93 million people covering an estimated 200 million people, including children and other dependents, will lose their insurance.

The theory of global warming is based 100 percent on lies, yet millions of people believe these untruths. They use these lies to pass dozens of laws and regulations harmful to our economy and to our nation. These rules cost billions and eliminate millions of jobs. The people in California voted in favor of the "Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond act for the 21st Century," which appeared on the ballot in 2008. The following lies were provided: The high speed rail (HSR), will allow riders to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco in about two and a half hours for $50. Total cost, $40 billion. One-half of the cost will be funded by private investors and the federal government. Today, estimates of travel time have doubled, costs have risen to over $100 million, and no private investor will touch it.

Thomas Crosswhite

Grass Valley

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