Bridgeport is more than just a bridge |

Bridgeport is more than just a bridge

It's not just a bridge … it's the longest single span arched truss-covered wooden bridge in the world. It's our bridge, and it brings history and beauty to our region. We must "Save Our Bridge at Bridgeport!'

You, as readers of The Union, have seen a multitude of articles appear from various members of The Union's editorial staff. We, the South Yuba River Park Association (SYRPA) are very appreciative and grateful to The Union, and we thank you for being so attentive to the issues related to the bridge and our efforts to assure its rehabilitation. This past Wednesday, readers of The Union learned what they can do to help make certain that the bridge is repaired and once again be opened to the public. The front page article by Ivan Natividad is greatly appreciated.

Bridgeport's covered bridge draws thousands of visitors annually. Be they local, worldwide travelers, vacationers or eager school students, visitors to the South Yuba River State Park come to walk on and cross the bridge and experience the excitement and rush of energy from the flow of the Yuba River below. They also gain first-hand knowledge of our area's history going back in time to the 1800s, when farmers and Gold Rush men and women lived here, making a living and creating an economy we still enjoy today. If we lose the bridge, we also lose a wealth of knowledge and a rich history, forever gone. We must save our bridge!

As a member of SYRPA, I want to say thank you to The Union for its dedicated coverage of the bridge at Bridgeport.

Mickey Springer

SYRPA member

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