Boehner doesn’t speak for me |

Boehner doesn’t speak for me

When I hear John Boehner, Ted Cruz and others talk about standing up for "the will of the American people" by fighting to defund or otherwise scuttle Obamacare, I'm puzzled.

Which Americans are they talking about? Is it that majority of us that approved the president's health care law by re-electing him a year ago? Those Americans? I think not because I am one of those Americans, and Boehner and Cruz are definitely not speaking for me.

While I generally vote for the Democrat, I have in the past always been willing to vote for any Republican running for office who I felt was the better candidate. No more. Until moderate Republicans repudiate the extreme right wing that has become the tail wagging the elephant and until they show a willingness to return to constructive political discourse and debate, I will be voting a straight Democratic ticket at every level of government, be it federal, state or local. I encourage other like-minded voters to do the same.

David Mosen

Nevada City

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