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Boardwalk waste of time, space

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Greg Cook

I think the Nevada City Boardwalk should never have been put in. I see the boardwalk all day, every day, and I never like what I see. I would never sit there.

In San Francisco, I've seen those boardwalks, and they make sense for urban areas. All we have provided is an expanded area for the low life, idle and bored people to congregate and sell drugs and waste away their days. If it wasn't for former Councilwoman Reinette Senum's daily cleaning and watering, the place would be a wreck in no time. What happens when she gets tired of being the janitor? If the police don't patrol and sit there for hours, it would be even worse. What a waste of police time. We don't need this image in town.

Many of us have spent many years creating a beautiful town of theater, arts, dinning and shopping, and this is the wrong image we have allowed to occur. There is no reason we should be providing this type of space in our downtown — no reason at all. Within minutes, you can walk into the woods and have a gathering space if you need one. When we were young, we used to build tree forts to have a "space."

We are not like the metropolitan areas. Almost all of my local customers don't like it at all, and visitors are dismayed that we allow such a thing. My bar is full of locals all the time, and they do not like it. It is not in our best interest to continue this space. Locals feel this is an intrusion into the warm rural home they want here.

Greg Cook

Friar Tuck's, Nevada City

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