Bigelsen’s case should be dismissed |

Bigelsen’s case should be dismissed

I am writing to comment on the Nevada County District Attorney's complaint against Dr. Harvey Bigelsen's medical practice in Saturday's edition of The Union.

The implication for the complaint is that Harvey Bigelsen is not a medical doctor, and is thus practicing medicine fraudulently. Dr. Bigelsen is indeed an MD, and has had a medical practice for years. He chooses not to be certified with the state; so that he can use a homeopathic medical approach. He specializes in live blood analysis using a microscope to show his patients what is happening in their blood as it happens!

This is an attack on alternative medical practitioners. In California, for example, certified medical doctors are limited by the state to only fight cancer with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy — slash, burn or poison, if you will! Why, you ask? Because the Legislature passed a law saying they must do it this way! Should politicians determine what kind of medical treatment we can pursue? Other states, like Nevada, for example, allow more options for both doctors and patients.

As a cancer survivor two times over (the last time 14 years ago), I feel there are more humane and successful ways to battle cancer. I've been slashed and burned, but woke up in time to avoid the poisoning. I will never go back from alternative medicine. It is my right to pursue the treatment I feel I need.

This is an outrage against individual freedom and the District Attorney should dismiss this case!

Robert O'Brien

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