Beware: ravens attacking patio furniture |

Beware: ravens attacking patio furniture

I wish to revisit the letter recently written about the ravens. While I cannot say they are "wiping out the songbirds of Nevada County," I can tell you what the are doing out here on North Bloomfield Road.

My neighbor recently complained to me that ravens tore apart her entire outdoor patio set — while she watched. I doubted it. Even laughed. "Never heard of such a thing," I told her.

The damage was so bad that the furniture had to be taken to the dump — she did this about two to three weeks after the initial attack, and, on this day, more closely examined the holes on the cushions to discover grubs flourishing inside. The only explanation for this, she and others deduced, was that these ravens are "farming," much like some birds do when they drill holes in trees and later return to grub. Weird, I thought.

Last week, ravens, quite literally, drilled holes in two sofas we have on our covered patio. I have ceased laughing. They also carried small decorator pillows out into the yard, where their contents were strewn all over the place!

I watched these birds with great interest when they arrived earlier this year, for we have never before had them here on our 13 acres. At the onset, they dove into our chickens in a large fenced yard, so it would not be much of a stretch to imagine them effortlessly interfering with tiny little songbirds.

The snow has come; they are still here …

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Jan Roth

Nevada City

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