Beware of phone scams |

Beware of phone scams

'Tis the season! For crooks and thieves to use the name of legitimate businesses in their illegal telephone blasts!

Card Services is a legitimate business, and so is Mimi Simmons, real estate agent. However, they never solicit people via telephone! Yet I receive recorded messages (telephone blasts) from "Card Services" about the loan I do not have! And from "Simmons" about real estate! The crooks behind these telephone blasts use the good name of businesses and business people to steal your money.

Do not be fooled and do not blame the real business people for what crooks do.

Never give your credit card information to anyone over the telephone unless you know the business and you call them. If you are on the National Do Not Call list and receive business calls, you can be sure that the people behind these calls are crooks.

To be put on the National Do Not Call List, and to report an illegal telephone blast, call the California Attorney General's Office at 1-800-382-1222.

Elise Hougesen

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